trick to use troidvpn in india ...

TRICK TO USE TROIDVPN IN INDIA.. (Without problem like show. 'This item is not avaible in your country'....

Hello visitors... ,,, may be nowdays everyone know about troidvpn and use free airtel internet with this trick.. But nowdays my some friends told me that their is a problem with troidvpn and also by other vpns by tunnelguru.. So i search on this and found a trick to use troidvpn in india without any problem..

Steps :-

                  1. Download troidvpn from this given link..
                   click here to download troid vpn
                   2. Unistall your old installed troidvpn
                   3.   Install this on your phone.
                   4. Now open it..
                    Hurray,,, you observe that app will open without any problem or error..
                   Now again use troid vpn and free internet also..

NOTE:- do not update troidvpn by google play store otherwise the promblem begins..

Airtel Free Hello tune trick for 999 days

Airtel Free Hello tune trick for 999 days


Hi friends, Welcome to uyfreetricks. Now I am Providing you a awesome trick to get Airtel Free HelloTune Trick 2016 For 999 Days. Airtel is offering Transforming India “Mera Desh Badal Raha Hai” hello tune absolutely free. you do not have to pay anything and you can avail this offer free for next 999 days. Now Set airtel caller tune for free without any single charge.lets checkout how to avail this offer..

Steps :-

 1. Firstly Dial this Number from your Airtel Sim – 5787809
 2. Now you can hear ” Mera Desh Badal Raha Hai” hello tune.
 3. Now Press 1 to Activate it.
 4. Now Again press 5 to Confirm it.
 5. You are done. You successfully activated Airtel free hellotune.

trick to use 3g data for 2 times in a single recharge in airtel direct

Hello friends.. Nowdays everyone can use airtel direct 3g trick. But the problem is that the cost of packs.. The cost of 3g packs are so expensive and only use for 1 time..
So i created a trick to use a single 3g for 2 times..

Steps :-   

                 First you rechage for a 3g recharge in your airtel sim for using airtel direct trick..
                 You all share your data gor getting 3G speed.. So share data..
                 After 12:30 am creat a message..
                 Del XXXXXXXXXX to 121. (XXX is your shared mobile number).
                  Now again use your unlimited 3G data..

By doing this you can save your 3g data..
And tommorow you again use trick without recharging other pack..

NOTE :- 

                 Use this trick at your own risk..
                 Its wrks perfectly for me in up east but i am not sure for u..

Trick To Use Webtunnel In India

Trick To Use Webtunnel In India

Hello friends... now days may be everyone use free internet of airtel...
Free internet users use many types of vpn like webtunnel,troid and hammer..
But my some friends complaint me that webtunnel and other vpn also not working perfectly.. The complain is that the webtunnel shows that '' this app is not avaible in your country ''..
The actual thing that the all vpn by tunnelguru nowdays is not working...
So i search trick to use webtunnel ...

Webtunnel,webtunnel in india,webtunnel apk for india,webtunnel apk download

Steps :-    

                       First of all uninstall your webtunnel installed in your phone.
                       Then download this webtunnel..
                        click here to download

                        Then install this webtunnel on your phone..
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airtel direct unlimited 3g trick

Hello Friends We Are Back With A New  Airtel Unlimited Free 3g Night Data Trick. We have found a new Airtel data trick in march 2016 that is working perfectly and requires a little investment of just Rs 25 to 30 Only. you can get unlimited 3g Data Speed for 6 hours, And you can download as much as data you want. How To Get This Offer Follow The Steps Given Below –

How To Get  Airtel Unlimited Free 3g Night Data Trick :-

1) Firstly activate 3 Days 3G pack in Airtel that costs Rs. 27 [Prices are same for every state, Still you can check before proceeding].

2) Now If you minimum 10 Rs, in main account balance then DIAL this *129# & Choose Night unlimited data pack, As choose 8 Rs. Unlimited Data Pack.

3) Now Share your data with other airtel number : To Share Data : ADD (Your friends number) And send it to 121 . Or Go to

For Example : Send 9166166260 To 121 [Share data in your own other airtel number , as if you share data with your friends he will be able to use 80MB of yours before 12am ].

4) Now you got 80 MB 3g Data from step 1.

5) Now use 10 MB Data before 12am.

Important step :- Turn On the data at 11:50 PM and Open whatsapp, And start downloading pics or videos till 12 am (Keep doing this till 12am).

6) If you will not do this, You will get 2G Speed.

7) Done!! Now get unlimited 3G speed till 6am and download as much as data you want.

(UPDATED) Trick to get back 3g signals of airtel while using airtel direct trick

Hello friends ,, that you now in present days everyone want 3G internet because the speed of 3G is very fast. And also nowdays may be everyone use airtel direct trick.. But sometimes we lost our 3G signal and get 2G speed ..
So there is a trick to get back your 3G signals..


Compose New Message :-  Send 3G To 121

You Will Get Reply From 121 “3G is enabled on your number ' to stop dial 2

Then Reply With 2

You will get a message, to confirm your request.

Reply With 1 And Confirm To Stop 3G

Now, Open your phone default browser and visit below link to activate zero rental plan.

click here to activate

(You Must have My Airtel App Installed In Your Phone)

After visiting choose zero rental plan,click on recharge now.

You will receive confirmation message that 3g is activated on your number.

You Will Get Your 3G Signal Back.

What to do if you getting error like this.


                First Of alldownload this my airtel app from given link
                 Download My Airtel App
                After installing this app open the app and click on 3G
                Now click on ACTIVATE 3G ..
                 Now you recieve confirmation message..
                 After service is activated now use 3G again..


                 If you also getting error in the app..
                  Try after some some..