Official MIUI 9 Release Date Leaked.

Hello everyone , today i  got a very good post in Xiaomi Official forum that leaked a hint for new UI of Xiaomi named as MIUI.
We all know that MIUI 9 will come very soon and we will start getting update. It is possible that some devices will get Nougat 7.0 and 7.1 with MIUI 9 but is it also possible that some devices will get MIUI 9 with Android 6.0 . Nowdays we are getting a lot of leaks about MIUI 9 , but this not shows that all leaks are real and definitely get that update. but today i get a update that not says that MIUI 9 will have this feature or any feature , but it gives a hint that when will MIUI 9 will launch .

MIUI 9 secret BETA testing started

Here comes an important and official statement from Xiaomi.Their head of department confirmed that MIUI 9 is indeed coming soon and likely to arrive before 16 August 2017.

There are some screenshots posted by the product manager of Xiaomi :-

 Don't worry that is not a official design . it is only a theme and this shows that MIUI 9 will bring a light UI and definetly brings a lot of features in many less space.
I think that MIUI 9 will come on 15 August in INDIA in the occasion of Independence day on beta and after 2 months it will come on stable ROM. Please stay tuned and we'll update you guys if there's an exact date for the launch.


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