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Kiwi Browser is an open source Chromium-based web browser released by XDA Senior Member arnaud42. It has a huge amount of added features over Google Chrome, including ad-blocking, a cryptocurrency mining blocker, night mode, and a few smaller features here and there as well. The latest update, released on July 4th, re-enables Chrome Home which was deprecated in favour of Chrome Duplex a few months back. You can read the full changelog below.

Kiwi Browser Brings Back Chrome Home For The Bottom Address Bar .

Kiwi Browser Version Lychee Changelog

This new release includes a bottom address bar and the translate functionality.

  • Upgraded to Chromium 69.0.3477
  • Feature: Bottom address bar (Settings, Accessibility, phone-only)
  • Feature: Translate (Main menu)
  • Feature: Clear data (Main menu)
  • Feature: Kiwi can be moved to SD Card (on some devices)
  • Improvement: Video player

The Return of Chrome Home

First and foremost, the re-addition of Chrome Home means that you can change your address bar to move to the bottom of the screen. In the future as well, it will be possible to swipe it up and see things such as recently visited sites and suggested news stories from the web. Currently, that functionality doesn’t work but is expected to be fixed in the future.

While it doesn’t change a huge amount, having the address bar on the bottom of the screen can be useful for users using their phone one-handed. It can also be nice for those on tablets as well. Other features included in Kiwi Browser include the ability to disable AMP links, take screenshots in incognito mode, block trackers, and even set a custom downloads folder. There’s a huge amount of customisability here, even more than when we first covered it.

So, I hope guys you will be excited to use this new updated version of Kiwi browser and definetly this is an improved and updated version . so user experience will be extended.

You Can download KIWI Browser From Play Store Click Here.

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